Malcolm McIntosh - DJ

With a musical background steeped richly in entertainment, Malcolm brings a profusion of personality and pilomotor reflex to Brisbane 's seminal dance floors. As a phonic pilgrim, for Malcolm, it is about the musical journey: he is the electronic conduit between the music and the auditor, and his odyssey into the underground becomes your own. With influences invested in such obscure names as Paul Kalkbrenner, Matteo Monero, Dousk, Bonobo and Marc Romboy, Malcolm brings an itinerary of experience to the decks, having been personally applauded by Funk D'Void while adding supports to such underground characters as John Digweed, Nick Warren, Sasha, Thomas Gold, John 00 Fleming, Jordan Suckley and more to his DJ journal. Malcolm brings a motley of polished sounds to the table, combining the best of commercial hooklines with undulating basslines and elaborate layers.


Malcolm's birth into the world of music has been deep seated and impressionable. Cultivated from the passion of classical music with the contrapuntal and textural lines of Bach, Brahms and Vivaldi alongside the rawness of Rolling Stones, the prog instrumentalism of Sky and the textural hooklines of Boney M and Abba and an education on the acoustic symphonious parts of guitar, Malcolm's first forays into music have been gilded and varied.


Unearthing an abandoned belt driven turntable compounded Malcolm's indoctrination with 7 vinyls for dancefloor music, but it was being exposed to the Kitshons, the Briais and the Rousey's of the world where the tactility for mixing changed from a mere buzz to a honed focal point. The appreciation for music from their textures to hooklines and basslines became a seizure of sounds and energy. An exposition into radio fine-tuned the technicals of Malcolm's craft, where a comprehensive knowledge of all things electronic established a secure foundation in technology, while adding personality and a persona to the sounds.

And while this capacity for industrial sounds continued, it was a genuine enchantment with the music that kept Malcolm behind the decks.


A valid feeling for music sees Malcolm traverse the path of the audio craftsman, where a campaign in trance and nu NRG in the late 90s and 2000s gave way to a junket through house, progressive house, deep house and techno. Textures, layers and meters have determined Malcolm's signature sets, where music is an escape and the dancefloor a new destination.


As an electronic executive of many floors across Queensland , Malcolm's sounds have played across every major festival, club and underground event since the turn of the century, from his residencies into then infamous Ja Jas Lounge, to The Met, Family, Monastery, Alhambra , Full Moon Parties and Future Music Festivals. His foray into Brisbane 's premium underground parties with Subtrakt, Buxton Records, Trance Classics, Lemon & Lime and Ulterior Motive remain a testament to his ventures and credibility into the ground breaking avant-garde sounds of today.

Past Residencies include:

The Met 07 - 12

Fringe Bar 07 - 09

Quest - Broadbeach 05 - 07

Monastery 03 - 06

Motown - Mooloolaba 05

Rolling Rock - Noosa 05

Oxford 152 - 05

No 12 Lounge Bar 04 - 05

Velvet Room - Port Office Hotel 03 -04

Milk Bar 03

Marble Bar - Port Office Hotel 02 - 03

Mr Good Bar 01 - 02

Ja Jas Lounge 00 - 01



Radio and TV Stuff

Triple M's Supermal

From 2000 to 2008 Supermal updated Brisbane traffic every 15 minutes in the morning with "The Cage with Ian Skippen, Marto Sully and Sammy Lukis " and every twenty minutes in the aftrenoons with Will & Lehmo on Brisbane's Triple M.

Who is Supermal? Apart from being Brisbanes most accurate traffic reporter for Triple M. He is Malcolm Mcintosh born and bred in Brisbane. Qualified heavy and commercial vehicle mechanic and one of Brisbanes long time nightclub dj talents.

Supermal has worked in most areas of Radio from Promotions co-ordinator roles to Announcing and driving the Rock Patrol as Nightstalker for many of Triple M's night shows.

After years driving from one end of Brisbane to the other and back again a new position was calling him. Up! yes up, to where has been for eight years. Supermal was finally given his wings trading the Rock Patrol for Triple Ms Skypatrol. This position required Malcolm to draw on his extensive knowledge of Brisbanes roads learnt from years behind the wheel of the Rock Patrol.

Being Brisbanes most accurate traffic reporter required Malcolm to be the motorists best friend. Giving them the most up to date traffic conditions and simple alternatives to avoid problem areas.

Malcolms day started at 5.30am from Archerfield Airport calling tow truck companies and emergency service contacts gathering information before stepping into his other office a bright orange Robinson R44 helicopter. He fliew from Beenleigh to Morayfield ,Riverview to Thornlands and everywhere in between. Malcolms information while in the air came from calls to Triple Ms traffic hotline plus what he saw from the air.

The information from callers and emergency services was relayed to him by his ground controller. Malcolm then fliew over the troublespots to assess the situation and if necessary guide the listeners around it quickly simply and safely. Landing at 8.45am completed Malcolm morning shift. He then returned to do it all again from 2.30pm finishing up at 6.55pm every Monday to Friday.

TV Traffic

Yes he's also regularly appeared on commercial television as well! Filling in as Traffic reporter on Channel 7 for Sunrise and Channel Ten in the five o'clock news.

On Sunrise there are 5 reports through the morning with Kochie & Mel from 6.30am - 8.30am.

On Ten News with Marie Louise-Theile and Bill McDonald there are two reports between 5pm & 6pm.

Sea Fm's Supermal

Supermal updated the traffic every half hour throughout the morning alongside Brad & Mac with the Sea Fm Morning crew and in the afternoon with the Bench Warmers on 91.9 Sea Fm.

Gold Fm's timesaver traffic

Mal updated the traffic every 15 minutes in the morning with Richard and Bridget for Breakfast and half hourly in the afternoons with Chris on 92.5 Gold Fm. | Copyright © 2004 Evolution Entertainment. All Rights Reserved......